Dr. Jamin Quilla first took an interest in the role that the eyes and light play in headaches and migraines while he was in optometry school. He was first exposed to the power of tinted lenses by a professor who helped a fellow student that had debilitating migraines, often brought on by indoor lights. After finishing his residency in ocular disease and low vision rehabilitation at the James H. Quillen VA Hospital in Johnson City, TN, Dr. Jamin and his wife took over Carolina Vision from a retiring doctor in Asheville, NC.


Soon after starting in private practice, he began to experiment more with tinted lenses and contacts to help his patients suffering from chronic migraines. Through working with his patients, he began to discover just how much of a role eyes and light play for so many suffering from chronic headaches and migraines. In 2019 his practice became the first medical practice in the country to have a Colorimeter and Neurolens Measurement Device. The colorimeter is used to test and create custom tinted lenses best suited for each individual. The Neurolens device is used to assess for and measure small eye misalignments that are often missed during routine eye exams, but can lead to a condition called binocular vision dysfunction which can cause pain and headaches due to trigeminal disphoria. (See below for more on these devices).


While his greatest passion is helping patients in his practice find the right eyewear to relieve migraines or light sensitivity, he wanted to help more people. That is why Dr. Jamin founded Ease Eyewear. Ease Eyewear was founded in order to help a larger number of patients that are not able to see him at his practice, but still would benefit from precision tinted lenses and high quality eyewear.  

Colorimeter and lenses to trial precision tints


Neurolens Measurement Device, used to test for small eye misalignment contributing to trigeminal disphoria, a common cause of chronic migraines and headaches

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