Which tint should I use for my migraines?

Dr. Jamin says:

I often get asked "which tint should I get for my glasses?" The honest answer is, it depends. The best tint and level of tint can vary person to person.

Lighting varies vastly depending on the setting you are in. A computer screen on max brightness gives off only about 8% of the intensity of light you get from outside in the sun during the day. Even indoors, your home may have drastically different lighting than your work, or a store wanting to showcase their products.

Also, using a frame with a small lens may limit the benefits of the tint. If a lot of light is able to enter your eyes around the sides of the lens, the tint can be somewhat limited in the help it provides.

Therefore, when recommending lenses for my patients with migraines or painful light sensitivity I tell them 3 things

1) For maximum effectivity and protection, choose a lens that is large enough to block most of the light. You don't need lenses so large that they sit on your cheek. But, don't pick out the smallest frame and lens you can find. Also, adjusting the frame to have some "face form tilt" can help. Face form tilt means adjusting the bridge of the frame between the lenses to bend the frame so the frame curves more with shape of your of your face. (However, especially with higher prescriptions, this can change the power of the lenses, and may not be a good option) For maximal coverage, pick a frame made with a lot of face form tilt, made to fit over your glasses, or best yet, wear a pair of precision tinted contact lenses as those will filter 100% of the light entering your eyes.

2) Pick the lightest tint you need for your specific situation. Wearing extra dark lenses while not suffering from a migraine may actually make you more light sensitive in the long run. After wearing tinted lenses, your retina begins to adapt to the lenses, so wearing extra dark lenses may not be helpful in the long run. When you are at home and can control the brightness of your lighting, you may be fine with the indoor tint/night driving tint. If you work in an office with bright fluorescent lighting, you may need the dark indoor tint. Then, when outdoors or while driving, you can use a darker tint.

3) Start with the FL-41 tint like the one used in Ease Eyewear as this tint has been shown to be commonly beneficial to those with migraines and other light sensitive conditions.

If the FL-41 tint does not seem to be beneficial, or if you want to maximize the benefits of tinted lenses, customizing the tint can provide further benefits.

The best way to test the tints is through the use of a colorimeter. There are only about 20 colorimeter machines in the U.S. at this time, so most people have to travel in order to find a doctor that has one. Our practice is the only one in the Carolinas that currently has the device, and also the only one in the country that also has a Neurolens Measurement Device. With the colorimeter, we are able to test the entire color spectrum as well as saturation (darkness of tint) which patients find most beneficial. From there it is possible to custom tint glasses or contact lenses with this individually optimized tint. Please see Our Story page to learn more about the colorimeter, Neurolens Measurement Device, and our practice.

What does my warranty cover?

We are committed to only using only the highest quality frames and lenses. We back up that commitment with a 2-year warranty. Within 2 years, we will replace the frames and/or lenses once for free. Our warranty covers any frame that breaks or lenses that scratch due to normal use and wear. The warranty does not cover obvious abuse such as a dog chewing on them or being crushed from stepping on them. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or send us a picture. You can email us at myeaseeyewear@gmail.com. You can also contact us through the special requests/questions form at the bottom of our home page.

How long does it take for the glasses to work?

If you are wearing the glasses full time, one week is normally adequate to determine if they are helping. If you purchased your glasses to only wear in migraine-trigger situations, its often harder to determine how long it will take one to get used to the glasses. That is why we offer a 60 day trial on all our products so that you may try them worry free. See are 60 day trial FAQ for more information.

My glasses don't fit my face right. How do I exchange them?

Please email us at myeaseeyewear@gmail.com and we help you with the exchange. You can also contact us through the special requests/questions form at the bottom of our home page. The glasses must be shipped within 60 days of purchase in order to issue an exchange.

I think I need a lighter tint/darker tint. Can I exchange the lens?

Yes. Please contact us at myeaseeyewear@gmail.com and we will help you. You can also contact us through the special requests/questions form at the bottom of our home page. The glasses must be shipped within 60 days of purchase to complete your lens exchange.

How do I request a return for a refund?

If you are not completely satisfied with your product, we will refund your money upon return of your product. Please contact us at myeaseeyewear@gmail.com and we will assist you with your return. You can also contact us through the special requests/questions form at the bottom of our home page. The glasses must be shipped within 60 days of your order to complete the return. If the lenses are scratched or the frame is damaged we cannot refund the product. We do however offer a 2-year warranty exchange on our frames and lenses. Please see our warranty FAQ for more information. Please allow one week after the product is recieved by us to initiate the refund.

I would like custom tinted lenses. How do I schedule an appointment in your migraine eye clinic?

Please visit Dr. Jamin's office website, www.CarolinaVisionNC.com, and you will be able to contact or office for an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

What is your 60 day worry free policy?

You deserve to spend your money on something that works! That is why we offer a 60 day trial on all our non-custom eyewear. If your frame still doesn't fit after it's been adjusted to your face, feel free to exchange it for another frame. Tint too light or too dark for your specific situation? Feel free to exchange the lens for a different tint. Eyewear not meeting your expectations or needs? Return the product within 60 days for a full refund. Now that takes the worry out of migraine treatment. Refunds can be started by contacting us through the form on our home page or emailing us at myeaseeyewear@gmail.com.