So Why Use Migraine Glasses?

Light sensitivity is a significant issue for many people. It can be natural for some, especially those with lighter colored eyes. For many people, a good quality pair of sunglasses is enough to help with light sensitivity. However, normal sunglasses are not enough, or not as effective for a large number of people.  Light sensitivity can be especially problematic and severe for people with conditions such as those suffering from migraines, fibromyalgia, or light sensitivity after a traumatic brain injury.


Over 80% of people that suffer from migraines report light sensitivity during their migraine (1). Also 70% of those with fibromyalgia report problems with light sensitivity (2). This is assumed to happen due to a general hyperexcitability of the senses in those that suffer from migraines and fibromyalgia. Most of the pain regulation in the brain comes from a large, branching nerve called the trigeminal nerve. Bright light appears to make migraine pain worse due to activation of trigeminal pain pathways during a headache (3).


With light sensitivity, not all light is the same. White light like from the sun is made up of all different colors which we can see split apart when we see a rainbow.  Within the white light, certain wavelengths, or colors, are more problematic in causing light sensitivity. That is why a grey tint may provide some relief for those with light sensitivity as it dims all colors of light entering your eye. However, different tints more precisely block different colors. This is beneficial for those that suffer from light sensitivity as we can use tints designed to block the portion of light that is most responsible for causing light sensitivity and migraines.  Studies show that tinted lenses such as a specific tint called FL-41 tint can significantly reduce migraines in many people. One study showed a 74% reduction in the number of migraines in children that wore glasses with this tint (4).  MRI research done in people that suffer from migraines has confirmed that precision tinted lenses are more effective at blocking over stimulation of the brain than a standard grey tint (5).


Unlike headache pain, there are no medications that you can take to get rid of light sensitivity. However, thankfully there are glasses that specifically address the issue of light sensitivity. While the most effective help comes from individual testing using a colorimeter like Dr. Jamin performs in his clinic, easily available migraine glasses such as Ease Eyewear also provide significant light sensitivity relief for a large portion of patients. No more having to hide from the sun and light, with precision tinted lenses from Ease Eyewear, you can brave the world again.

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